RGB limited or full?

Hello guys,

Regarding the RBG range limited or full. What is your take on this.

You can read on some forum the correct combinaison of ranges among the content, gpu and display.

I have a Panasonic OLED, I always watched with Kodi RGB at limited and my TV set to limited as well, and everything seems fine.

Tho, a friend questioned my settings saying it may not be the optimal picture quality setting depending on how the GPU is set, limited or full, to have the least conversions possible in the signal path.

On a computer it is easy to see in graphic card settings what the GPU is doing, but on the Vero 4K+ box, all you have is the Kodi and the TV setting, can’t do anything with the GPU driver settings, at least without going into console to check it out.

So my question is, which setting is the best in Kodi video settings and on the TV as well ?

My understanding is that no Blu-ray or consumer video sources is full range anyway, so by setting it to limited, I’m ok.

If I was on the computer, I would let the GPU at full, because you do not what the GPU to alter incoming source and then the TV to alter it again after. But I don’t know what the Vero 4k+ box do.

What are your settings ?

Thank you !

AFAIK almost all comercial 8-bit video is encoded as limited so although in theory you would be getting a slightly larger color range by running full, the reality is that the colors are not there in the source to start with so you gain nothing. The conversation is really only relevant to people displaying a PC screen on their TV or are using a video game console that has that option in which case you should be using full for those sources.

Your friend is wrong. Even if there are conversions from limited to full and back in the GPU (there aren’t) they would be done in 32 bits so negligible loss of quality.

More importantly, my Panasonic does not support full range in YCC and I suspect yours doesn’t either.