Rii i8+ Mini Wireless 2.4G Keyboard

I’m thinking of buying one of these for the Pi3, quite simply because I’ve installed the YouTube add-on and it’s gonna be far quicker than the purgatory that is the onscreen keyboard, and even the mobile phone app, as I am a touch typist.

I’ve seen posts about the key mapping, but it’s only the QWERTY that I’m after. However, I also have the OSMC remote. All I need to know is will they coexist? Can I use both at the same time? Or will one of them knock the other one off?

[PS OSMC is still the bizz! We now have 5 Pi’s in the house, all running OSMC!]

Why not use the built-in web interface?

Because I just want to be able to reach over, pick up a keyboard, use it, and then put it down again when I’m done, not fire up another laptop and log into a web page before I eventually get to type something that will probably take me 5 seconds.

I’m using a Vero4k with

  • Rii 8+ mini (German layout, since Leia v18 all you need to do is to configure the layout in the GUI at settings->system->input->keyboard layouts)
  • an OSMC Remote (this is an RF remote)
  • a Logitech Hub using xbox360 profile (this is an IR remote)

all in parallel without any issues.

That’ll do me. Thanks!