Rii i8+ Mini Wireless Keyboard Mouse

Hi, does anyone know how to configure OSMC to make a Rii i8+ Mini Wireless Keyboard to switch language for typing?
Currently I’ve tried several known combination on mini keyboard - no effect, types only English.

Thank you!

What combinations of settings have you tried, what are you changing and what are you expecting the outcome to be?

Thank you @yknivag for prompt reply.
The keyboard switches between languages on Win10 using traditional Alt+L.Shift combo.
Mentioned combo does not work on OSMC, the input language stays in English.
I’ve tried different combinations (read on some forums) like Ctrl+Space, Shift+Space and some others with no luck, probably is relevant to android based systems.
The expected outcome is obviously to able to switch between defined (in Kodi settings) languages as it could be achieved through GUI.

I think you will find that the functionality you describe relates to Windows not to your keyboard. OSMC is Linux not Windows.

You would need to configure that specific key combination in Kodi to execute what you want. While I am not sure if you can do so directly or you might have to call a script with the key combination

It seems that to configure a keyboard, some packages and setup/mapping routines are required, according to debian wiki.
I refer to this page https://wiki.debian.org/Keyboard.
I just thought OSMC, might encapsulate and wrap it up with next-next dialog.
Can you please confirm that @sam_nazarko?

What you want is not related to Debian but Kodi.
Read this for better understanding

For me the combination of “win” + space works