Rii mini i8+ 2.4Ghz Keyboard full support


I have this little keyboard and while it is working some keys are not working and there is no way to map them.

More info for keyboard here

On other distros all of the keys work.

keys like
media player do not work

Keys like volume up and volume down work but they do not repeat (if holded down)

If noone of the devs has this keyboard and would like to fix it i will gladly send him one to have.

Thank you in advance.

While as a keyboard has one issue (the backlight has a timer of 59 seconds and after it turns off it does not automaticcaly turns on after a keypress. The timer also does not reset it self after a keypress. So you press the light key and have light for a standard amount of time.)
The only way to have the backlight turn on automatically is to let the keyboard sleep (after a small time of inactivity) and press any key to wake it up. After that you will have the backlight turn automatically on for the predifined amount of time. after that you have to press the light key again.