Rings of power and vero 4K

Anyone else having trouble with playing the serie “lotr: rings of power” episodes?
When trying to play it on vero 4K i see pink/green pictures…
Trying to play it on shield, it also gives pink/green pictures.

Trying to play it on google TV, it plays fine with very nice colours.

Any idea?
Is this cause of dolby vision?

Yes. The file must be Profile 5.

Euh you are talking chinese for me :slight_smile:
Profiles? lol

Can you tell me how i fix it or can’t i?

We don’t support Dolby Vision at the time of writing. Your file doesn’t have a fallback layer, so it is not rendered correctly.

Ah ok i see, so i have to merge it to other file?
Or what would you propose to do?
Probably more titles will come with dolby vision right…

You should avoid Dolby Vision titles for now.

ah ok thx, or getting the 1080p versions :stuck_out_tongue:

I assume you’ve downloaded this illegally as opposed to trying to stream it legitimately via Prime Video? If so, you’ll need to illegally download a version that is encoded as HDR10, rather than one encoded as Dolby Vision (assuming such a thing exists - I’m sure I wouldn’t know).

EDIT: or a 1080p version, if that’s easier.

I’m going to close the thread.

We don’t support piracy or circumvention of copyright measures. But people are free to do what they want with their devices. We can’t assist with this however. We will try play back files where we can. The file the poster has obtained has obviously not been obtained in a way that we can support.

With that said, there is legal DV content with Profile 5 only, so we are exploring ways to support this.

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