Roadmap before buying Vero 4K +

Hi there,

I’m really disappointed by the last Pi4 libreelec distribution as 3D MVC is no more available (while it was during years).

It looks like the Vero 4K + is able to read 3D MVC (even if it’s by a beta branch right now, but I read its plan to be integrated again in the main branch), and is able to read 4k movies.

So, before buying it, could you give me a roadmap telling me I will not buy something I’ll junk next year, because the new software version will no more be compliant with my needs ?

Thank you :slight_smile:


This is the best media player I have ever had. and Sam & Team have provided updates for all existing devices (Only one device they discontinued supporting, the old Apple TV 1).

Dunno if they have a roadmap though :slight_smile:

We will keep supporting the device for a long time yet.

One of the reasons we are moving to a 4.9 kernel is because it has long term support until 2023.

Thank you for your answers :slight_smile:

I understand that “supporting the device” includes “keep all functionalities”, like 3D MVC support :slight_smile:

I go to the store right now.

Well, we would also be governed by changes to Kodi.

Kodi v18 is reaching the end of its life, and Kodi v19 already started its alpha builds. This means that Kodi v19 will probably be ready in early 2021. This will be around for a long time. And of course – it will always be possible to stick to an older version.

In short, there’s no reason this feature can’t work for a good couple of years at least.

I have also been in almost the same situation. My need was a media player that had an USB-port for an external HDD and that also had a good Ethernet port. I came to the conclusion that upgrading to raspberry pi 4 was not an option and Apple TV has no USB-port. This left me with Vero 4K+. Simple as that! It’s the best option right now!

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I use two Vero’s and am very happy with them.
But what makes these devices from another planet is the amazing support and community.
Not a problem to big or Sam and others are right on it.
This is something that I never seen before.