Roll back to a certain version of binary add-on

First of all: thank you very much for the newest update.
I want to roll back to a certain version of a pvr-addon. I compiled this version myself sucessfully. However i am not able to overwrite the newer version with the old one by “installing from zip”.

any idea? ist there a way to manually get rid of a precompiled pvr-addon by command line (in the gui the uninstall-option ist greyed out)? ;y guess is, that it does not let me go back because a newer version is already installed.



You could probably remove it under /usr/lib/kodi/addons.


tried that but i get “addon could not be loaded” after install. after deleting the addon manually in /usr/lib/kodi/addons it would still show up in the kodi gui.

(i am sure the addon is compiled proberly because i was ables to sucessfully install it before).

Check home directory too. Ideally just copy your version over our version,

tried both. the gui still shows me the newer version and on install or enable “could not be loaded”.

Did you stop Kodi first?

yes, stopped it. delete addon in home and usr and tried to reinstall: “addon can not be enabled”.

I would suggest rebuilding the add-on. It must match the Kodi version.

it was built for kodi 18.5, the kodi version did not change since the last update, right?

btw. when i reinstall it: the addon-folder is being created in “home” but not in “usr” . mannually copying the library files there does not help.

even if i delete all traces of the addon (while kodi is stopped and after started) the addon-manager shows me it would still be there (version of the addon after january-update).

You could re-build your version, but change the version number to be higher than the one installed by default.

This will allow you to install your version normally, since Kodi will think it is a newer version.

thanks for the help but that seems to be a little odd, i would have to digg deep into the architecture of the addon to find out how to do that.

i think it should be possible to install a plugin manually and let the user choose what happens with precompiled addons that come with the kodi distribution of osmc. why is the possiblity to uninstall the addon greyed out?

The only file you need to change in the source tree should be addon.xml. It’s a simple text file that holds the version information.

The very first tag in the file is the addon tag…just change the version attribute to something larger.

ok, if it’s that easy i will try it … thanx a lot.

ok, tried that … got the same problem/notification as before:
first it says : addon installed
then: not able to load addon

could it be, that the preinstalled addon must also be removed from some kind of registry inside kodi in order to get entirely rid of it?

kodi.log shows:

2020-02-03 09:46:48.950 T:2847568608 ERROR: ADDON: Could not locate
2020-02-03 09:46:48.950 T:2847568608 ERROR: UpdateAddons: Failed to create add-on Teleboy PVR Client, status = 5

does that mean that old and new filenames of the library-files should exactly match?

You could try to remove the addon.db (move it to backup).

tried that too now. surprisingly it seems to be very stubborn, the addon is still present in the gui even after deleting the database and both of the addon folders. install gives me the same error as before …

So no solution for this?

Would be really glad if you give me another hint …

I can only assume the addon is not being built properly