RP2 sd install fail

I am having issues with installing OSMC on my raspberry Pi 2 with a sd card, everytime i try to install it i get the rainbow screen for a second then it goes black and my tv says there is no connection. Im formatting and using the OSMC installer on a windows computer. I have tried with multiple cards also.

Any help or insight or help would be greatly appreciated.

Make certain that you have the correct image (Pi 1 or Pi 2) for your model of Pi, and make sure that you do actually have a Pi 2 ! (Not trying to be funny here - a lot of people seem to confuse the Pi B+ and Pi 2 as they look almost identical)

Yes so i have seen from all the other posts out there, im pretty confident i have a Pi2 here are some pictures. I’m using the the OSMC installer and i did try to use a Pi 1 image and i got a permanent rainbow screen.

here is the back of it.

Yes that is a Pi 2 you have there, the best thing to check is the single chip on the bottom side - only the Pi 2 has this.

Have you ever booted previous versions of OSMC successfully on this Pi 2 or is this the first time you have installed OSMC ? What kind of TV/monitor are you using and is it connected via HDMI or composite video ?

Are you able to connect to it using ssh ? The default hostname is osmc.local and username and password are both osmc.

If you can, post the output of the following commands which will report what resolution it is running in and what resolutions your TV reports it can use:

tvservice -s
tvservice -m CEA
tvservice -m DMT

It use to have OSMC on it i set it up for friend and he was having some issues so i said i would check it out for him. So it has had previous versions on it.

Im using a 42" LG TV with an HDMI cable.

I havnt tried nor do i really know how to??

Can i do that even though there is nothing installed on the raspberry pi?

Just because you get a blank screen doesn’t necessarily mean that the system is not booting - it might be booting in a mode the TV can’t display.

If a fresh image boots to a blank screen either the image is not working (faulty SD card, corrupt image, or not imaged properly) in which case you need to try re-imaging or using a different SD card, otherwise it is booting, but you can’t see the picture on the TV, in which case the SSH commands should work to find out what mode the Pi is outputting.

Or you could try plugging the Pi into a different TV or use a different HDMI cable.

Finding the cause of the problem is a process of elimination.

So one area that i think might be causing this issue is how im formatting the card before using the OSMC installer. What is the recommended way of formatting and prepping the card before putting the image on?

Im using a digital camera to reformat the card, the formatting software deletes everything and all partitions left on the card.

Formatting should not be necessary. The installer handles formatting and writing of the image.

Every time i run the installer without formatting i run into an error and it says to refer to the log files and it stops the installer process.

Can someone explain or provide a link on how to use SSH with OSMC?? So i can rule out any issues as stated below.

Download putty to SSH Download PuTTY: latest release (0.78)