Rpc.bind and usb hdd probs Pi3

I have made a fresh installation of OSMC today
using Pi3 Sd Card and USB HDD.
Then I installed all available updates via My OSMC

but if i restart the device I do have file system corruptions every time
and there are kernel problems shown with rpc.bind

see log files : paste.osmc.io/eyopiviseq

It seems that the hdd is disconnected too early within shutdown/restart

Can you help me please ?

Unless your hard disk has its own power supply make sure you have a powerful enough power supply for the PI3 and add max_usb_current=1 to config.txt

I Have already powered Usb Drive with external power and added max usb current entry
seems to work better now

There is still a red coloured notice on the screen on startup

Failed to load/save rf kill switch status of rfkill0

I assume this can be ignored until bluetooth support is done ?