rPi 3: Bluetooth headset not connecting

Before I’m going to start complaining I would like to thank everybody of the OSMC project, especially Sam, for al the work so far and making a fantastic open source media player. :heart_eyes:

The long waited april update brings for me the long awaited possibility to connect my Philips SHB7150 bluetooth headset to my rPi 3. Unfortunately I’m having problems with it. The headset is seen by OSMC and it will pair, but fails on connecting.

With the command “sudo journalctl -u bluetooth” I’ve noticed this problem a2dp-sink profile connect failed for 00:1E:7C:32:84:4A: Protocol not available. Could there be that I did something wrong?


People that complain are the ones we like as much as people who don’t search on the forum

Ohh… I’ve should mentioned I’ve searched the forum and of course found the bluetooth testing thread, sorry!

I’ve thought now it’s released the information in the testing topic is no longer up-to-date? My bad, but back to my question; Can I solve my problem by installing the pulseaudio-bluetooth package with apt-get or should I wait for Sam to release a fix?

There is no “fix” as there is nothing broken! OSMC stable in the moment support bluetooth for e.g. input devices. A2DP is currently and will for the near future remain in testing stage and you would have to follow the steps in the testing thread to use A2DP.

Ohhh…I though the april release was included with A2DP support, that explains the confusion.

I’ve read the A2DP thread and have the audio working now, only all video content give’s a black screen… I’m going to search some more how to fix that.

Thank you for you support!

Run manual updates from MyOSMC again.

Thank you, you’re a life saver! :raised_hands: