RPi 3 Custom lirc remote not responding when streaming music

I have been encountering an issue where upon stream music from the Tunein Radio add-on, OSMC stops responding to the button presses on the remote. Then when playback is stopped, it continues to function normally. Any help would be highly appreciated. Here are the logs.

Additional Information

  • 3 pin IR receiver connected to pin 18
  • When streaming movies or TV shows there is no problem (Rechecked very intermittent)

What button presses in particular ? Most of the playback controls do not work during audio playback - for example fast forward and rewind. Only pause, stop and skip (next/previous track) will work during audio playback.

Hi Simon,
Its is all button presses(e.g. Volume Controls, Back), I have check again during video playback as well and it very intermittent.

It’s possible you have a problem with the IR receiver itself. What model IR receiver are you using and are you powering it from 3.3v ?

Not all models of tsop work properly with a raspberry Pi.