RPi 3 temperature with Kodi 17

I just updatet to kodi and had problems with the cpu temperature:
I switched the skin to Estuary and had ~75°C in idle (cpu about 4%)
I switched back to osmc skin and still had 55°C in idle.

  1. Is 55°C ok in idle?
  2. Does anyone else has this issue with Estuary?

There is no problem until it reaches >83.

Yes I know but I like to know the “normal” idle temperatur.
75°C in idle is not really “normal”.

There is no “normal”… If my house is 21° and your house is 27°, then the pi temps will be different. If your pi has no case on it and my pi is in a case and tucked behind the TV, they will both have different temps.

Thank you for this explanation. Could you just tell me your idle temperature?

I’m not running a pi3. But if i was, it would be in the amazon rain forest with no air conditioning so… Kind of irrelevant…



Yes that is the typical idle temp if no services run

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Thanks for the helpful answer.

You can say to him that is a skin problem and he need go to Kodi’s forum to ask about this behaviour, but say that “pi have a problem when it reaches > 83” when he is saying:

  • My Pi with Kodi 16 was 55ºC in idle, now is 75ºC

is obvious thattThe Pi now is +20ºC

Is a problem with the Pi? No
Is a software problem? Probably
Is a OSMC problem? Probably not

Connect your Pi to a battery and enjoy how the new “normal behaviour” is draining your battery.

Don’t “normalize” whithout reason that now the Pi is +20ºC. The new theme is more CPU consuming? Or is a bug in the new theme? (of course, no one of these are OSMC problems, but you can redirect the user to Kodi’s forum)

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I would say it’s odd for it to the temp to rise between 16 and 17 but if so it’s definitely software related and it happened to me. on 16 my temps were like 55c-60c but when i first updated to 17 i was between 60c-70c. That’s sitting at my home screen and overclocking, after downloading all the updates for my apps i am now sitting at home over clocked and my temps are between 45c-50c. as long as it stays under 75 i wouldn’t worry but you can buy heatsinks (which i currently have) or buy a fan for it.(i have one coming in today) Currently when watching a movie on 17 i sit between 56c-60c, i feel safe with those temps under load. i’m just buying a fan so i can mess with overclocking more cause I’ve always been into that.

Forgot to add that i have been using Arctic: Zephyr and it’s customized to my liking.

Is anything moving on the screen? Scrolling text for example will send the CPU usage high and increase temperatures.

This is also what I discovered. As soon as I navigate in the menu the temperature rises.

just my RSS feed running for the most part, after about 10 minutes my black screen saver will pop up, also gotta remember i’m overclocking ATM.

Turn off RSS and the temperature will go down.
Or leave it on and stop looking at the temperature. It is not a problem.

yeah the temperature honestly doesn’t bother me, unless my pi hits 80c i got no worries.Only reason i’m watching temps ATM is because of my overclock, just taking notes until i find the best stable condition.

If it serves as any kind of comparison:

I have my RPi 3, with OSMC Kodi 17 and RetroPie installed.
It is inside a WD Pi Drive enclosure with a 1TB usb 3.0 hdd.
The enclosure stands behind a Sony android TV, at around 10 cm from a wall.
Using standard OSMC interface

Using the command line:

vcgencmd measure_temp

It is currently reporting a temperature of 45C.
When browsing menus goes to 52C
When playing movies it will raise to 59C to 69C in a very random fashion depending entirely on the type of material being watched, audio resampling, etc … iBut I’ve never had seen it reach 70C

Currently the room temperature is around 18C (which also has a big influence).

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Pi3 running v17, no case and heatsink

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That’s a nice looking graph @fzinken how do you get that from your pi?

Via SNMP, collected in Cacti
Added to snmpd.conf

extend . /bin/bash “/usr/bin/sudo /home/osmc/temp_cacti.sh”

And having this in the script

T=`/opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd measure_temp | sed 's/temp=//g' | sed "s/'.*//g"`
if [ -z "$1" ]
echo -n "$T"
echo "$T"
exit 0;