RPI 3 Usb for OSMC speed?

hello all,

i have the RPI3 and use a 8GB class 10 SDCard for OSMC

the RPI is limited to 20Mb/s, but USB 2.0 can run with 480 Mbit/s
So would the RPI boot and act faster if i install OSMC on say a good Kingston USB 3.0 ( usb 3.0 to eliminate bottleneck) i know that i have to use the SDCard to load some files for the Boot Sequence for the RPI3

but would that work as intended?

You will get much faster speeds than that with a good card and SDHost.

USB is theoretically faster, but if you are planning on using network aggressively, you have two things fighting on that bus.

I would say it’s more than achievable to get good performance with OSMC on an SD card on Pi 3. A USB stick is not needed.