RPI 3B+ HEVC Support

Dear all, is there a chance that an RPI 3b+ can smoothly playback an 1080p HEVC video through OSMC ?

I have made a test last night and either i couldn’t play HEVC through the plex client or it would stutter badly. Was anyone able to get a better outcome through OSMC configuration / RPI overclocking or a combination of the two ?

Did you use the forum search function? This has been well discussed many times…


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I have but there’s no post which is both recent and covering the latest RPI 3b+
Moreover, the older posts you mention don’t offer any solution in my eyes.

There’s some acceleration: so you can play some content.

The Vero 4K + can play more demanding clips.


Thanks, is there any option i should enable to leverage that ?
If it’s enabled by default i didn’t notice it :smile:

It’s already included.

Has anyone tried to overclock it and see if that brought any improvement ?
That would be my last resort, otherwise I guess a more powerful hw like the vero 4k+ will be the only solution.

It won’t be significant. If you need reliable playback of high bitrate hevc files, Rpi of any iteration is the wrong device.

I have just made some testing:

  • if i play the video from an external hard disk, it can handle 1080p hevc 25fps quite well.
  • If i use the plex client to stream the hevc video at 1080p from my NAS, either through a wired or wireless connection, it struggles or fails.
  • If I lower the streaming quality to 720p it works.
    Could the problem be with the osmc plex client ?