RPI (4) ship distro with 'libgl1' package

Hello, I wanted to ask if you guys would consider adding ‘libgl1’ to the Raspberry Pi OSMC distro images?

This package has fixed the issue I was having with running Moonlight-QT.
Prior to installing it, Moonlight would report that it wasn’t able to resolve any hardware accelerated decoders for the Pi. This would result in software decoding, and an unusable experience for streaming. Likewise, the logs did not report anything about this missing package, so it was hard to diagnose it by myself.

For anyone interested, you may view the GitHub issue here: RPI4 OSMC HW acceleration · Issue #27 · veldenb/plugin.program.moonlight-qt · GitHub

It’s not needed for Kodi to work so it wouldn’t make sense to bundle it and pre-install it, is it available from the standard Debian repos that are included with OSMC or did you have to compile this yourself?

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Moonlight should probably implement a check for this then.

We ship what’s needed for Kodi and don’t want to introduce unnecessary packages.

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