Rpi 4 subtitles sync


I try to play with the offset to synchronized the subtitles downloaded from opensubtitles.com with the soundtrack but the subtitles are unsynchronized.

How to do ?


When you grab subs from a website they tend to be generally…

a) Correct for your particular video

b) Correct for your particular video other than the offset as likely either the sub source video, or your video had content had something added or removed from the start of the video (like perhaps a video segment from a streaming provider that was added/removed)

c) There is a slow but steady creep in the offset due to PAL to NTSC (or vice versa) conversion.

d) The sub you have is completely unmatched to your video source and if you offset for one part it at some point does big time jumps.

So with a your good and b you can use the offset in Kodi for a good result. Kodi has no way of dealing with the others. If you have an issue with c then I’d recommend downloading a program called Subtitle Edit and use the visual sync option to correct it. Search out a YouTube video that shows how to use it as it is easy and fast after the first time you’ve used it, but confusing before that. If your issue is d then fixing that yourself is likely a fair bit of work. You would really want to try to find a version of the sub that matches your video over actually fixing it. If for some reason you wanted to fix one then Subtitle Edit is still the program to get the job done, but there is going to be a learning curve and a not so insignificant time investment for each video to fix this. Most commonly what you end up with is with a sub or video being from broadcast with commercials removed (and possibly content edited) and the other being from a physical or digital release. This means that the sub at the least has to be resynced at every commercial break point. The program has the ability to help you find these, but that only gets you so far.

Use Bazaar. It can download subs automatically and sync them

Thanks. I will try.

I encounter difficulties to leverage bazarr against Osmc. The tutorials for installing docker compose output errors : E: Malformed entry 1 in list file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/docker.list (Component)

I guess I have successfully installed docker but pull command from bazarr sends this message : no matching manifest for linux/arm/v8 in the manifest list entries

There may not be a container for the architecture you are trying to run with…

Is there a tutorial where I can find the command for the container missing

The architectures supported by this image are:

Architecture Available Tag
x86-64 :white_check_mark: amd64-
arm64 :white_check_mark: arm64v8-
armhf :x:

I do not know where the issue comes from. Please Sam, I need help.

If there is no armhf image you will need to run an armv8 container.

Helping with Docker is a bit out of scope but perhaps someone else can help

Thanks. There is an other post talking of Docker. I will ask explanation against the tutorial in it.

I transfer the .deb docker files to /tmp in osmc and I do dpkg -i /tmp/*.deb and I get this message.

Bazarr is a companion application to Sonarr and Radarr and AFAICT does not work on its own and seems a lot if your just wanting to fix the occasional sub. I looking into it a bit and found that Bazarr syncing is just running a program called SubSync. You can run SubSync by itself just by feeding it a sub and the video file your wanting to sync it to. I grabbed a portable version and gave it a spin and I was rather impressed with it. I can see myself using this in conjunction with Subtitle Edit in the future when need be.

Thanks darwindesign. You are great. Unfortunately SubSync does not work perhaps the .ts files are not supported but we can do it with vlc and other softwares.

Hold up a min, are you trying to sync an external sub to something that you recorded from a DVR? That would generally be an issue because of the commercials. You might have closed captions embedded in the video that you can view without any extra software though. You would need to enable settings>player>subtitles>enable parsing for closed captions.

If your only issue is it not supporting the container you can probably just rename the file extention to .mpg if it is a mpeg2 file or convert it to a mkv file with mkvtoolnixgui to get it to run though SubSync.

darwindesign, you are rigth. It works. Thanks. I will watch the movie later since I want see if the sync is good.

I ran a test with a TV show episode I had recorded from my DVR (straight recording so NTSC telesync mpg2). Renaming the video file to .mpeg allowed SubSync to load it but it didn’t actually work as it never found any sync points. I then converted it to a mkv and that allowed SubSync to start to find sync points but syncing it with a sub pulled from opensubtitles didn’t work as the commercials in my recording were apparently not something that program is designed to overcome. Even if I edited out the commercials I suspect there may still be problems with movies as they are frequently edited when broadcast for time and content.

The .ts files, I have recorded, already contains embedded or buit-in subtitles. Perhaps mkvtoolnixgui and SubSync do not work for this reason. There is a mess between the added subtitles. I will try with recordings without embedded subtitles. Keep you inform as soon as done.

No. What you have in the .ts file would be closed captions which is images of the text that are part of the video but in the overscan area so they are not normally seen. To any program that isn’t specifically made to interact with them this information is just ignored as it is just part of the video stream. there are tweaks and fixes that mkvtoolnix does when it containerizes a telesync file and that is probably why it does work with SubSync where just changing the file extension doesn’t. What the issue still is would be, I’m guessing, is that what SubSync is doing is analyzing the audio track to try to make a list of time markers for dialog and then match that up with time markers from a sub file so it can snap the text to the audio. If your video has extra audio from commercials, and/or parts of the video edited out so there is text in your sub that is not in the video, then just adjusting timing isn’t going to fully work out.

You are right. It works with vlc. I am going to test with Osmc.