Rpi-dac overlay

Hello, I’m following the osmc development with great interest!

I can see in git that the (fairly new, maybe kernel 3.18.11) rpi-dac-overlay is missing.
Line 76 here

Should it be possible to add it in a future release?
It’s the only audio device that activates i2s audio output without any other check. So it’s the only one I can use for my diy dac.


We’ve added HiFiBerry and iqAudio’s overlays. I did not realise this was necessary, but as per your request, I will add this in the next kernel release.


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This overlay is not “necessary”, Hifiberry and iqAudio overlays are enough to make these specific audio cards working.
But they are using i2c communication to initialize these dacs and this will fail if not using exactly the same cards.

Rpi-dac overlay allows to use i2s outputs without further initialization, so it’s the only device you can use if you want i2s output for general use (not for specific commercial dacs)

Keep up the good work
(by the way, kernel 3.18.11 is up! :wink: )

Will rebase to 3.18.11 and add the overlay now.

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Awesome, you rule!

Kernel 3.18.11 didn’t make it to the RC2?

It did – you should be on 3.18.11-1


3.18.11-1 is in the apt repo, but yesterday rbp1-kernel-osmc was still depending on 3.18.10-1 :wink:

I had the same impression on a RPI2.
It was an upgrade from RC1, not a new RC2 from scratch, if it matters

That’s not good – I’ll check that out


I tried to reinstal RC2 from scratch.
Kernel 3.18.10 too.

Since 3.18.11 got skipped in RC2, maybe we can get 3.18.12 in RC3 (or final) - now that it’s been added in the firmware.