RpI official 7" touchscreen working with hdmi/ mirroring

Hi, I’m a first time poster…
I recently picked up a RPI2 with the official 7" touchscreen. So far I am thrilled with it… . Initially I believed that both the touchscreen and the hdmi ports would work together but after some reading I under that this is dependent on Software being designed to utilize this feature.

I would love to see at least the same image on both outputs or the ability to at least choose and swap outputs at will… Similar to how a laptop with video output would function… On the big scale it would be amazing to be able to have a video play full screen on hdmi while navigating the menu on the dsi attached screen.

This configuration would also allow osmc to be used as a music machine without the need to have your TV, or projector powered on.


“Not supported. In theory it is possible but requires work.
Cloning the display is not quite trivial as the resolutions and aspect ratios are different. It would need code added to duplicate the GUI and video rendering code.”

According to the raspberry Pi website

“Dual display usage
It is possible to use both display outputs at the same time, but it
does require software to choose the right display. Omxplayer is one
application that has been modified to enable secondary display output.”

jst saying it would be cool to have this option in OSMC…

Yes, but it must be supported by Kodi. OMXPlayer alone is not enough.

Any news regarding use of both displays ?

This has nothing to do with OSMC but how Kodi handles 2 displays. Seek guidance on their forums.

It would be a lot of work for Kodi to add support for this. I’m not sure if it will happen any time soon, but I may be wrong