RPí with OSMC suddenly stopped working completely


our OSMC Raspi 2 stopped working about one hour ago while playing Live TV.
The video started to lag, a few seconds later the screen froze.
The audio continued to play for a while with some dropouts. The device didn’t react to keyboard inputs anymore, too.

We decided to restart the device by re-plugging the power connector.
Now the device won’t boot up anymore at all:

  • Screen is black
  • No network connection (Network LEDs do not light up)

I can’t provide any logs, as I got no SSH connection and I don’t have physical access to the device at the moment as well (for the next few days).
What might be the cause of this problem? Did the SD card weared out?

Peripherals: MicroSD, HifiBerry Digi+, flirc.tv USB receiver
Power specs: 5V, 2a
Connection: Ethernet
Video Output: HDMI to YPbPr via converter
Audio Output: S/PDIF optical (TOSLINK)

Are the lights on the pi blinking in any pattern?
Or at all?

They do not blink. Both the red and green ‘main’ LEDs are giving constant light without blinking.
The status LEDs on the ethernet port are both turned off, the device isn’t getting recognized by the attached ethernet switch.

Push the sdcard in and out several times. then try again.

Tried that, but unfortunately it had no effect.

So can you try to image and boot another sdcard to see if the problem is the sdcard or the raspberry?

If you cut the power without shutting down properly, you could have corrupted some files it needs to boot on the card.

I will as soon as I get physical access to the device, probably on Wednesday.
We couldn’t shut down properly, as the OS stopped responding.