Rpi1 Remote Not Working After May 2017 Update

After I noticed that the update broke my remote, I switched the memory card from my other rpi (not had update - and probably wont get it) to find that the remote still didn’t work. The only difference I can see is that the Firmware was updated, which may be related.

physical remote or yatse ?

going on the assumption reading from the other thread that its yatse so some simple questions since yatse is still working perfectly for me with may update

does the mediacenter get an ip ?

is the webserver in kodi enabled ?

This is a separate post due to having a bit more information to offer and that Sam suggested I had threadjacked somebody.

Neither Physical CEC remote nor Yatse work.

MediaCenter has IP cos I can SSH to it to reboot due to remotes not working

k debug logs is in due order then

I agree,

What are your thoughts on thinking it may be Kernel and/or Firmware related…

What hardware are you running on?

[quote=“shane_barrett, post:5, topic:37295”]
your thoughts[/quote]

well ive been running on bleeding egde for the better part of a year and a half ie Sams testing grounds, haven’t experienced beside one minor incident with an update there hasnt been any major issues and i got multiple accessories like lightpack etc installed on my mediacenter installation an RPI2 and RPI3 my hardware

But with that said still need debuglogs

Physical CEC remote is different.
The Vero 4K poster was talking about an infrared remote.

There are CEC changes in this update. Usually if CEC stops working then a power cycle of equipment at the mains resolves this.

Need those debug logs.

Thanks Sam,

I apologise, I wasn’t aware that Vero 4k was IR.

I will send you logs later today.

I started this thread because the Software Update works on a Pi that has not had the Firmware Update, just thought this might be useful for you to know.

I have seen some other posts on here today that there have been other Kernel/Firmware related issues