Rpi2 and 32gb card - how much free space after clean install?

yes i know, kinda dumb question, BUT i need to know how much free space you have after a clean install of osmc.

thank you

Clean install is around 800MB

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that’s strange then, i have no local content on my 16gb setup and all the free memory is 2.6gb.
okay, there are no more than 10 addons installed, but anyway…

  1. Check your .kodi/temp/ folder very often some addons leave garbage in there
  2. How many media items do you have? The thumbnails in .kodi/userdata/thumbnails take quite some space
  3. Install ncdu and run it from / that will show you where the space is used

From the command line you can look at the filesystem and see where the space is being used.

Try some commands like;
sudo du --max-depth=1 -h /
df -h

Didn’t know about ncdu, looks nice.

thanks, will try both and see the results.

it’s that i’ve been configuring current setup for such long - i can’t imagine starting it all over again))

on this periods i stay whitout a pc at my home (my previous it’s broken) and use ssh from Android phone it’s not the best…
it’s possibly to check and and obtain similar results from running osmc?

ot question:
i’m also want to upgrade my sd but i know some model of sd card it’s possibly no compatible or supported by pi2 or by osmc… exist a verified list?

Attach a keyboard and log in via the command line.

one more question, if i may.

now i have a perfectly working osmc setup on a 16gb card. i’ve bought a new one, 32gb.

how can i “clone” (i guess) my setup to the new card so i would have the extra free space?

Search here in the forum for resize2fs will give you plenty of answers.

well, my 16gb card just died, while i was watching a movie )

well, then problem solved :innocent:

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very interesting:
how i can launch a console prompt on osmc? there’s exist some hotkeys “hidden” combination?

found a way here:

tomorrow i try on my configuration :wink: