RPI2 + Hifiberry Amp+: no sound for some TV stream (France 2/France 3)

Hi all,
I’m facing a strange problem using my PI2 with an Hifiberry Amp+: for some specific TV stream sound is no more working (it was working some time ago).
I use Vstream [1] to access some French TV live streams and other streaming stuff, and most of them work without any problem but for the France 2 and France 3 there is no sound :confused:
Quickly looking at the info from kodi I the only difference I saw was a bitrate of 32 000.

Does someone have any idea about what could cause this? At where to look? Everything else works great, thanks for the hard work, but this particular point is problematic for our usage.

It happens since some time, and the latest updates did not help.

[1]- https://github.com/Kodi-vStream/venom-xbmc-addons/releases/tag/Repository


PS: Another related point: it is unfortunately “quite painful” to get the Amp+ to work with OSMC as the nice PI Config GUI does not allow to select the appropriate overlay that is provided, despite most of the other HifiBerry devices are present in the conf list :confused: And it will also happily reset the required conf (dtparam=audio=off) when you try to use it. (and not sure if updates aren’t doing it also). It would be marvelous to be able to configure it as easily as other Hifiberry devices!