Rpi2 issues after recent update

This evening after work i got home and powered up my pi2. I got a message that a update for osmc was available so i let the system reboot to install it. After reaching 100%, it stopped. I went upstairs, made dinner, took a phone call, ate dinner, came back down hoping it had moved… Still sitting at 100%.

So i fire up putty and try sudo reboot. I could log in to the pi, but all commands timed out. In the end i pullled the plug.

When i plugged it back in, i get nothing. No splash screen, no ssh service, no boot info. Any advice?

EDIT: I do get the red and green lights on the board that indicate it is indeed alive

Without logs its impossible to tell what went wrong unfortunately.

Most likely it was disk related, such as file system corruption, a faulty SD card, no space left on the disk etc. What make and model is your SD card ?

Unless you have a Linux box that you could run fsck on the card with you’re probably going to need to do a fresh install.

If you have another SD card and a USB SD card reader you may be able to salvage your .kodi directory by doing a fresh install on another card, then plugging the old card in via an SD card reader then copying the .kodi directory across. Depends how much time you have spent on customising Kodi as to whether that is worth your time or not.

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I was kicking myself for not trying to run a dmesg before unplugging.

I kind of assumed a fresh install would end up being the best solution. Luckily I do have a microsd usb adapter. Is there anyway I can make the system partition larger to help prevent this again? I have a 128gb sd card I was using, and a 16gb I will end up using for the new install. I’d like to eventually switch back to the 128gb with perhaps a bigger system partition to help prevent it from running out of space.

Hi I had exactly the same experience yesterday with my vero. The update went through but after sudo reboot the device was dead.

Sam responded immediately and suggested to download the new September image and start from scratch. He also assumed that my card just reached the maximum due to number of updates I have performed as an owner of one of the fist shipped Veros.

The fact is that the fresh install worked. Fortunately I had my database externally and a more or less recent copy of the .kodi directory. But even with that it took an hour to set it up again. I am afraid it looks like this is your only option.

@chris_vero: We will work on making sure this doesn’t happen in the very near future.

@drsdroid Your issue may not necessarily be identical to @chris_vero’s.