Rpi2 Non Linear volume scaling with USB DAC

I have an Rpi2 with a completely fresh install of OSMC using a Plugable brand USB audio adapter ( C-Media HS 100B Chip). My problem is the volume scaling is very non-linear, the bottom 30% of the scale is basically silence, 30-50% is what 0-10% should be, and then from 50% to 100% is the remainder of the scale.

Is there any way to adjust the linearity of the volume system?

I switched to OSMC from RuneAudio, and with Rune on this exact hardware the volume scaling was very good and usable,


You could try installing alsa-utils:

One of the first things i did was install and run alsamixer (because i had to do this under Rune as well to get the audio gain to a decent level.

But the non-linearity is still there even with the adjustment in ALSA.


Sorry but I don’t use a usb dac myself, so I can’t help any further. But I’ve notified another member of the team, which I believe does.

Thanks Tom.