RPi2 + OMSC + PleXBMC - Can't see content on local Plex Server

I’m new to OMSC and the RPi2, so apologies if this is an issue with an obvious solution, but I haven’t been able to find a solution yet.

I have installed OSMC RC (Mar 14 2015) on my RPi2, and then installed the PleXBMC add-on. In the add-on settings I have set my local Plex Media Server as the Master Server (which PleXBMC was able to auto discover), and I’ve added my myPlex user and password details.

When I then select Video/Video Add-ons/PleXBMC I see the following options;

  • myplex Queue
  • Channels
  • Plex Online
  • Refresh Data

I can see a YouTube video I added to myplex Queue (so my Plex credentials are okay), but I can’t see any of the content from the PMS on my local network. I’ve tried looking at Channels, Plex Online, and Refresh Data, but after I briefly get a “Busy please wait” message I see no change.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong, or what I’ve missed.

Exact same problem here, I can see my Movies, Series, Music etc. on the homescreen, with icons and everything, it evens update when I make changes to my PMS. BUT as soon as I click on any media, there is nothing there at all, no content.

I’ll be honest, I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one with this problem.

I spent a couple of days trying different software on my RPi2 (OSMC, RasPlex, OpenELEC) but each time I installed PleXBMC I hit the problem described above. I started to think the issue was something on my local setup was amiss, and after several hours searing for a solution I posted here, and as you can see, I didn’t get a single reply (until today).

My solution? I deleted OSMC, bought a Fire TV Stick and reused the RPi2 for something else. At the time I bought the Fire TV Stick it was cheaper than the RPi2, and I had no problem accessing my Plex content (or Netflix, or Prime).

I’d been using XBMC on an original Pi for some time before I set up a plex server, but Plex support has because a key feature for me so my inability to get Plex working on the RPi2 means that I’ve moved away from XMBC based clients for the time being.

Just did the reinstall as well with normal Openelec and Plexbmc, same problem, Rasplex works fine. It’s funny, had no issues before I formatted my SD card and reinstalled.

Think I have solved my particular issue, see this thread I made: https://github.com/hippojay/plugin.video.plexbmc/issues/116