RPI2 + OSMC + Green led on board


the red led is on (constant static on) on the board, but the green led doesn’t light up, or doesn’t give read/write (access) feedback.

what is the solution for this?

Thank you

if i put this on config.txt
the green led is constant on.

or with

gives a continuous pulsating (heartbeat)

all i need is a feedback from the led if there is an activity



during wget a 100mb file green led stays black
after issue command sync
it will light up until sync lasts

am i thinking here wrong, and the green led is not suppose to show that there is an access to the sd only when sync is issued?


The green LED shows SD card (MMC) activity in OSMC, as you’ve discovered, it can be used for other tasks.

The reason it does not light up during the initial wget is because there is a small delay (to prolong SD lifetime and for performance reasons) before the data is written (or flushed) to the card. sync forces the mmc buffers to be written out, and thus you get the green light.