Rpi2 osmc undervoltage

My pi has suddenly after 2 years of working perfectly suddenly started to report undervoltage.

I have 2.5Amps charger and cable and I have tried several without any success.
I have an external harddrive connected through a powered usb hub.

At first I thought it was the hub, but even when hub is disconnected entirely and nothing but the ethernet cable and HDMI cable attached my PI still report undervoltage.

I have tried to increase USB voltage to max, but to no avail.

I have tried resetting, reinstalling, swapping out my sd-card and everything short of buying a new PI.

IS THERE a way to check if the problem is the PI itself? Or is there any other possible solutions you can think of?

Any input is greatly appreciated.

Powersupplies can deteriorate over time. Suggest you try with a new designate Pi supplier like from OSMC store

Well then another power supply should have fixed it and it didn’t. And seeing as the powered usb hub also revert power to the pi through USB there should not be any undervoltage, should there?

Depends on “another”. Was it a proper Pi power supply?

Well the undervoltage signal indicates that the power the Pi receives drops below 5V.