RPi2 USB devices problem at boot


i have a problem on my RPi2. The connection are: RPi2 - USB hub (that also power the RPi) - HHD and WIFI key connected to hub.
The problem is that when i boot RPi (with all devices connected) the USB devices are disconnected 1 second after the boot starts and they are not recognizable from OSMC. They work only if i connect them after boot or if i reboot RPi without disconnect it from current. I have also RPi1 B and i have no problem of this kind.
Can you help me to resolve this problem?
Obviously all devices are compatible with RPi2 and OSMC (i don’t have to install any additional driver).
Thank you!

Sounds like a lack of power. It’s not recommended to power a Pi off a USB hub - try it with a good quality Pi specific 5v 2amp power supply and it should work fine.

Hi, i’ve tried what you suggest but it doesn’t work. I have the same problem. For syncronize the moment in witch the current arrive to raspberry (connected to a 5V 2a power supply) and HUB (connected to his power supply) i’ve used a power strip. The situation is the same, HHD try to start and then stop immediately.
I think that the RPi when plugged to a power supply give to all devices connected a little electrical impulse that start my HDD (or other devices connected) and this make it crazy. What do you think about?

No one with the same problem?

If your hard drive is struggling to spin up (clicking or spining up and down repeatedly) then it IS a power issue. Not much that can be done to solve this in software.

Sounds like your USB hub isn’t supplying enough power to the drives. I have a similar setup (Pi2, USB Hub with 3 drives) and do not have this problem (Note that I’m running Ubuntu Mate 15.04 on the Pi2, not OSMC).

I do have separate power for the Pi2.