RPi2 vs RPi3 - Comparison for prospective purchase

I still have one PI Model B+ that I’d like to replace, but I’m not sure whether to go for another Pi-2 Model B or a Pi-3.

I have two other Pi-2’s both running OSMC fine. No issues with speed or reliability.

If you have recently upgraded to a Pi-3, has it been worth it? What kind of improvements have you noticed? Has there been any downside? My whole house is CAT5 so I would not be using either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. I will only be using it for playing media, and I don’t use any of the Library functions. I simply browse to an SMB server share and play music or vids. The only USB device plugged in will be a sensor for a classic Xbox remote.

I understand the 3 demands more power so I’ll need a new power supply, whereas if I get another 2 I can simply reuse the existing 2A one (from ModMyPi). Plus a 2 is likely to be cheaper now**

Any advice welcome!

** Scrub that. It’s not. The 3 is cheaper everywhere!

If you do not overclock, 2A is totally fine for the RPi3 from my experience.
If you do not need its extrapower and the additional hardware features, you do not need the new one, but as you noticed, it is cheaper anyways and everything is compatible.

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I see no reason to get a pi2 over a pi3. Pi3 outperforms pi2 in every way.

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I say get the Rpi3. Had more than the occasional RPi2 temporarily not respond to input for 10secs all the way up to like1 or 2 minutes. Gone now with the RPi3.

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All sounds good to me. Long as it’s stable and from the look of things I can re-use my 5V 2A PSU.

Can you disable bluetooth and wifi modules? I definitely won’t be using them.

And i can add this info:
In this period if i want i can buy a kit of Pi3 + Power Supply + Case (in some case + dissipator) at same prize i have payed my kit of Pi2 about one years ago…

At the end i also thinks it’s a nosense buy a Pi2 now :slight_smile:

Pi3. Boots faster and has wifi and bluetooth. No reason for a pi2 at all.

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No reason not to get the RPi3. Built-in wifi and bluetooth. Regardless of your CAT5 setup, you never know when you’re gonna need it, maybe take it to a trip or friend’s house. And the hardware’s better, so again, no reason not to get the 3 unless you get the previous really cheap like $15 or under.

How comes nobody mentions the RPi 3’s capability of a true USB boot (or even network boot if you’re into that)?!

This alone is reason enough for me to only go for a RPi 3 today.

The post is from August, when USB and network booting was still experimental.

There are still some quirks with USB booting.

Pi 2 has been updated to use BCM2837, so it will do USB / network booting too.