RPi3 crashes since 17.6 (Dec Update)


Long-time user of OSMC, first time poster.

I have 2 ~identically configured RPi3’s - both use a central MySQL database hosted on a NAS device.

Both have been very stable until tonight when I upgraded to 17.6

The 2 pi’s are called “OSMC-SAMSUNG” and “OSMC-SONY”.

OSMC-SONY has always done something weird; where after booting and signing in (I use profiles albeit only 1 profile) a few seconds later I get the sad face crash. This only ever happens once (per boot) and is fine thereafter.

OSMC-SAMSUNG never does this. I’ve never really looked into why OSMC-SONY does this since after that one crash (per boot) it’s fine and by-in-large the Pis stay up for days if not weeks without needing a bounce.

Then came the December update - and now both consistently crash within a few seconds of signing in - every time. Have rebooted both; both persist in sad-facing shortly after sign-in.

Now there is likely some slight differences in addon packages installed but for the most part the configs should be near enough the same (when I built these I built one and then SCP’d the config XML files to the other).

I’ve run a log output;

OSMC-SONY: https://paste.osmc.tv/denutolesu
OSMC-SAMSUNG: https://paste.osmc.tv/mesekolese

Assuming an addon is causing this; is there a way to disable/remove addons via Command Line since I can’t get into Kodi?

I’ve read through the other topics where this issue is described andd nothing has helped so far. I’m not experiencing any errors with any of the commands suggested to be run (apt-get dist-upgrade for example).

To quickly get you going move your kodi settings to a backup mv .kodi .kodi_backup

I it then starts you can move back settings and addons one after the other to check what’s causes the crash

Awesome, thanks I’ll try that on one of them :slight_smile:

Well you still can try this but it most likely will not help as your error is more fundamental
Jan 18 22:48:06 osmc-sony mediacenter[614]: /usr/bin/mediacenter: line 142: 1667 Segmentation fault sudo -u osmc $KODI --standalone -fs --lircdev /var/run/lirc/lircd
You could try to reinstall mediacenter but not sure if that helps.
sudo apt-get install --reinstall rbp2-medicenter-osmc

I did as instructed and rebooted. Booted into a stock looking environment (I use default kodi skin, this is the default OSMC skin now) - but got a sad face shortly after boot.

The Kodi/OSMC interface returned a few seconds later and it hasn’t since crashed.

I’ll start coping XML files over from the old .kodi folder and reboot each time until I get the same crash behavior as originally posted.

sources.xml and advancedsettings.xml restored, rebooted, no crashes.
mediasources.xml and passwords.xml restored, rebooted, no crashes. And can now play a movie.

restoring guisettings.xml now… fingers crossed…

Booted and crashed once, then stayed up - seemingly same behaviour as pre-upgrade…

The once crash is a known issue that in certain situations happens when the menu is rebuild. But it only should happen if a skin change or update happens

So I md5’d the guisettings.xml file on the now fixed Pi and the same file on the other still broken Pi and found they are different. So I SCP’d the guisettings.xml file form the now good Pi to the broken one, reboot and it’s running perfect now!

So something was up with the guisettings.xml file potentially??

Weird. All working now. Will monitor it and post back if I find any other oddities.

many, many thanks @fzinken !!

Do you by any chance still have that file in the backup folder?
Can you upload it with cat guisettings.xml | paste-log and do the same with the working one.

Unfortunately I didn’t take a backup of the guisettings.xml file on OSMC-SAMSUNG before replacing it with the (now working) copy from OSMC-SONY.