Rpi3+latest OSMC sees everybody's wifi but our own

Used the windows installer to build the image on the sdcard, everything works without a hitch, but for the wifi functionality. We can see just about all our neighbour’s wifi networks but our own does not show up on the list even…
SSID is being broadcast, got 2.4 and 5gHz network going, not one device in our home has an issue. Using channel 13 in the Netherlands which is fine, OSMC is set to same location so 13 should be fine.

Have you tried solutions from this thread:?

5Ghz won’t work on a Raspberry Pi 3 unless you’re using an external adapter.

There are some changes needed for Channel 13 to work as @ooZee has pointed out


thanks sam and oozee for the replies

I will dig into the channel 13 thing some more soon, but did a re analysis of wifi bands used here, and 13 was no longer optimal anyway. Switched to another, pi found wifi right away ^^