[RPi3][OSMC] Sad face after reboot

Hi everyone! Will you help me?


Those are only APT logs. Please provide full logs using grab-logs -A


I’m afraid your system has become badly corrupted. In fact, it seems that it’s been having problems since April.

I recommend you reinstall OSMC. If possible, choose a fresh SD card since the problems might be because of a bad card.

I understand. It’s a fact that since April there have been problems, but as long as KODI was working I did not care. :slight_smile: So the format and installation awaits me again. I have backup settings from June. Can I reinstall it after reinstalling on a new system? Is it better to setup everything manually? I will also check (for sure) SD card with h2testw program.

P.S. Sorry for my bad English.
Greetings from Poland!

Try backing up your settings to a USB stick using myOSMC if you can, or copy /home/osmc/.kodi if you can only ssh in.

That .kodi directory may itself be corrupt but it’s worth a try.