RPI3 SD-less boot and NFS-home without reinstalling


sadly my OSMC installation died a few days ago with the SD-card. No, I had no backup. :frowning:

So I reinstalled OSMC on a new SD-card and setted it up completely. Learning again how to handle my remote, learning it to lirc, doing keymaps settings, etc.
Then I updated to latest OSMC and it looks like the setup overwrites remote.xml with a packaged version - is this wanted?

Nevertheless, as I have already other RPIs booting with NFSroot I also wanted to have this for OSMC raspberry, prefereably complete SD-card-less. So I do not need to worry any more on backups or whatever, as my NFS-server is backed up. :slight_smile:

I did the setup and I guess I found some maybe common pitfalls like:

  • does not boot up at all as in OSMC-boot-directory the start.elf is missing (only start_x.elf is there)
  • does not boot up completely as it waits for /dev/mmcblk0p1
  • needs an additional β€œrw” in cmdline.txt to do not mount the nfsroot in read-only mode

My current setup:

  • SD-card image of mmcblk0p2 shrinked to 3GB size and mounted on NFS-server into a directory
  • tftp-root has a softlink for the rpi-serial to the boot/ in the image above - I copied the complete content of mmcblk0p1 to boot-folder in the mmcblk0p2 image. the TFTP-root directory needs to include the osmc-filestructure, otherwise it is not able to follow the symlink to boot/
  • in boot/ a softlink for start.elf to start_x.elf
  • cmline.txt looks like this: root=/dev/nfs rootfstype=nfs ip=dhcp nfsroot=,v3 rw rootwait osmcdev=rbp2

So, as I read in some other posts, OSMC should be installed (instead of imaged) on NFS-roots - but what about the boot folder there? Kernel is loaded over tftp from the boot-folder, how does it look like on an update for a NFS-root-installed OSMC?

Are there any issues I will encounter on an update, either kernel or osmc itself, with my current configuration / structure?
Is there a howto around for migrating an existing installation to SD-less one?

Thank you!

Best regards

Your system won’t be able to update properly if using TFTP booting

The only official NFS installation method is provided by the OSMC installer. We keep boot files on the SD.

If your modifying the remote.xml file that comes with the install then it will be overwritten by updates. The proper way is to have a keymap with overrides in your .kodi/userdata/keymaps folder and name the file such that it starts with a letter higher than the default keymaps. If you use the keymap editor addon it uses the name gen.xml.