Rpi3 update is an alpha

System is much slower. I would say because skin.
Uninstalling addons doesn’t uninstall, it does nothing. Addon is still installed.
Can’t update system, storage is full.

And i’ve been using it for 10 minutes. I’ve never have any of those until this update.

This is not a stable update i would say it’s alpha, please rollback.

The response to the update has been positive on the whole.

Doesn’t seem related to the update.

What parts of the system? You need to be more specific if you want anything resolved.

Without logs no one can really speculate what your problems are.

If your sdcard is full, that might be the reason for all of your problems.

Make some space and check for updates again.

Nope, it’s not full, It has never been full. I’ve been using OSMC flawessly for 6 months… i updated yesterday and today it says it can’t update because system is full.

GUI is choppy.

Why do you write storage is full then?

Run df -h if you don’t think the SD card is full.

Without a debug log, no one can help you. If you want your issue resolved you need to provide the correct information.

I’m restoring an old diskimage and will disable updates.

Yeah, thats far better than working on a real solution.

That is not a practical solution to your problem.

We have offered to help you resolve your problem, as it seems isolated to just you, but you do not seem keen on letting us help you.

If you won’t provide logs, or proof that the storage measurements are incorrect, then there is nothing we can do but assume this is a localised issue.

To denounce the Pi release of OSMC 2017.02 as alpha without any logs or proof to back this up is therefore baseless.

If you do have a problem, it will likely affect your equipment regardless of the OSMC version you are running soon enough.

If i’m been using Windows/Ios/Android/linux/macos/whatever every single day for months and after a big update i have dozens of problems that’s not “equipment related”, no way.

None of those platforms are OSMC, I don’t really get the comparison. But there is one thing in common. If you had an issue with any of those platforms you would be expected to provide some logs or further details regarding your problem before anyone could resolve the problem.

Good luck