RPi3 with OSMC + USB (HF; X10) Remote but don't want to use with OSMC

Hi folks,

i am new in OSMC, but not in Kodi.

I have a new plan to use mit RPI with OSMC and other Software:

I want to use my X10 USB HF Remote (Medion Brand) with my RPi but not with OSMC. If i connect the USB Receiver with the RPi OSMC works out of the box with the remote. But how can i stop this great feature? Because? I want to use the Remote not with Kodi, i want to use the remote with another program startet by the RPi.

Thanks for suggestions.

Kind regards


You would need to make sure the application you wish to use supports LIRC

Maybe. But i dont need LIRC.

I used the HF Remote with a RPi before. With FHEM. The Remote works out of the box. The Remote is not an IR Remote!

But if i try to use the smae remote at the RPI with OSMC installed FHEM dont recognize any Buttons of the Remote. Instead Kodi (of OSMC) uses the Remote.

I have to switch off OSMC/Kodi support of the Remote. But i cant find anything like that.