RPI4 and HD44780

I am trying to setup an I2C HD44780 (4x20) on an RPI 4 running latest OSMC.
(this is something I successfully done in the past with an RPI3B+) .

I’ve tested the display with a python script to rule out any hw faults, and it appears to be ok.

Problem is that I can not get LCDd to display anything…not even the usual “start up” screen of LCDD while waiting for connections…it either flickers or shows nothing…

Ok, this must a be a more generic issue with LCDd not directly related with the client side (OSMC xbmc-lcdproc) but I posted here since I believe I have more chances of getting some help.

I’ve tried a handful of different drivers (hd44780.so) but with no luck.

I see there is also a kernel module /usr/lib/modules/5.15.83-2-osmc/kernel/drivers/auxdisplay/hd44780.ko
I loaded it but no luck…

Has anyone managed to set it up properly? Any hints ?

Are there any alternatives that could be used as a server for xbmc-lcdproc ?


I think it requires X11 so won’t work with OSMC


Did you enabled LCDd? What is journalctl showing?