Rpi4 enabling 4kp60 disables recognition of color space

Hey guys,

got a question in regards to rpi4b and 4k60p. Once I enable it via config.txt with hdmi_enable_4kp60=1 it basically works.
But I recognized that once this line is set and pi rebooted, every time I play a 4k file the correct color space is no longer detected by the output device, in my case Epson projector EH-LS12000B, if the material is not 60p, but e.g. 24p.

Without that line, on starting playback, resolution and refresh rate is switched correctly to 4k and btr2020. With that line, it only switches to btr2020 with 60p material, all others are left at btr709.

Any idea on this? I can manually switch to btr2020 in the projector menu, but it would be nicer getting it automatically like with all other files as well :wink:

Unfortunately this is a limitation on RPI for now.

ok thanks for letting mw know.

Hi, just as an information: tested it on Vero V, no problems here, color space switching on EPSON pojectors between REC.709 and BT.2020 works like a charme here, even with 60p enabled <3

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