Rpi4 - tvheadend-client missing?

Hi out there,

this week did not start very well - no sleep but a hanging kodi w/o audio & cec after reboot and several changes to config*.txt or cmdline.txt.

Today i installed a fresh 2023-06-01 and was quite happy to get it nearly back again.
TVHeadend-Service is up and running. kodi tell’s me i have to install a pv-client. But i do not find tvheadend client nor vlc. I know I need some new glasses but maybe someone could help me out.


It is installed, but needs to be enabled. Goto My addons > PVR clients and enable it from there

Args… Thnx, now it works again.

Next step is to make an image from working system.

I cannot help you with that, i always start from scratch when i reinstall OSMC. Has never used the backup system.

Good luck with that :slight_smile: