rPlay - screen mirroring

Hello All,

Just started using OSMC - all going well and airplay is working well. I understand mirroring from ios to osmc/raspbmc is not a function but wondered if the following was something that others have tried with success or if i should stay away from it?

Thanking you in anticipation for any replies.

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The problem with these implementations are that they are completely closed source so it’s hard to integrate them in OSMC


If it would work together that would be nice of course, just a bit weird they make a product … closed source which doesn’t cost a dime!

I believe they do charge you a license for AirPlay mirroring? Is that not the case anymore?

To enable AirPlay Mirroring, you need to have a license key. You can receive one for free by emailing info@vmlite.com

I have spoken to the vmLite guys and they said we could get an rPlay license globally but have not been in contact since then.

That would of course be uber if you would indeed need to pay for the license :smile:
Well … if it is included in a special package that would make it even more easy of course!

I have requested a licence key. I guess if they don’t reply then that’s the end of that. I will let you know what happens.

Did you hear anything back regarding a licence key for use in osmc?

I haven’t heard anything yet :triumph:

No I didn’t receive anything either

Any reason why it wouldn’t work by installing/licencing manually?

My understanding is that you can install it but need the key to make it work.

Have you looked into Xbmc-Gamebox at xindawn.com? I think it is closed source but it is free and they are running it on an old version of raspbmc so they might be willing to collaborate. I just wish I could upgrade it to osmc.

Spoke to them and they have no interest in collaborating with us unfortunately. The only thing they seemed interested in when we contacted them was when the next version of Raspbmc was out! Obviously their project violates the GPL but there is nothing we can do here.


I am reviving an old thread. Curious whether anyone got rplay to work and how it works together with mirroring, but - even more importantly - with sending audio and video from IOS 9 (with albumart). This appears to be broken with Kodi since IOS9 came out. Is rplay the answer and does it play well with OSMC together?

Link with license key below:


I wouldn’t get your hopen up.
I still haven’t got any respons from them, so a personal license key is problematic…

What I read in the comments on the page you linked, it doesn’t really work it seems :unamused: