RSS feeds error

Editing the RSS feeds I end up with an error " RssFeeds.xml not available or not parsable - try removing from userdata dir and rebooting.

I checked and the file looks fine except it is read only I cannot delete it?

I tried removing the rss edit addon then reinstalling but still same problem., The Rss function is not working as a result. Have tried this on a couple of boxes - same problem

Which file exactly are you referring to?

It is the usr/kodi/userdata/RssFeeds.xml

That file is readonly for the user osmc. You could remove it with sudo rm but you should not remove it, better take out the changes you have done.

If you wish to make changes to the RSSFeeds.xml, you can make a local version in ~/.kodi/userdata and that will take priority over the system one

I did the latter suggestion (/userdata/ ) all fine now. The format is very strict so you have to be careful editing as any errors the feed disappears.