RTL-SDR 2832u

Has anyone successfully got their RTL2832u to receive FM signals? I would like to build this into a mobile radio device, but I can’t seem to find a solution for Krypton 17. Is the only way to use an FM board? What are my options for FM radio? I mean, OSMC has a radio option, so it seems like it shouldn’t be this difficult to find a solution.

I am in the United States, if this means anything.


Same here, also want a mobile radio device for an RV
did a lot of searches cant find a good solution.

any help on this matter would be appriciated

I’m really hoping for an OSMC solution. I’ve tried rtl_fm and rtl_fm_streamer. They aren’t functional though. There has to be a way. It’s possible through linux and tvheadend works with other dvb’s. I don’t understand why it won’t with with my rtl2832u. It’s the standard are chipset.

Have you tried tvheadend or did you read somewhere that it doesn’t work?

I tried tvheadend. My dmesg sees my device, I blacklisted the kernels rtl2832 drivers, etc. No go. Tvheadend does not see the device.

found something nice,

Dab radio, usb dongle which outputs a MP3 stream .

Dab radio on osmc possible ?