Rtl8192eu forcing right driver to load

Hi All,
It being some time since my last post (great and stable distro!), but now I have small issue and I hope that someone could help.

So, I need to move my RPi to a place where I can’t get wired connection, so I decide that I can use the WiFi usb adapter that is laying around for quite some time.

I’m trying to use MERCUSYS MW300UM - it looks like re-branded TP-Link. Inside in this small device I found RTL8192EU - but even supported nothing happens. I looks like this device is reporting different vendor ID and device ID and the correct driver is not loaded.

lsusb -vv output

dmesg output

Any Ideas how to make it work?

So a VID:PID of 2c4e:0100 isn’t loading the rtl8192eu driver.

For a permanent solution, @sam_nazarko will need to add this to the kernel build. For now, you can make a temporary change:

sudo modprobe 8192eu
echo "2c4e 0100" | sudo tee /sys/bus/usb/drivers/rtl8192eu/new_id

That will be lost each reboot, so you might want to add this to the end of /etc/rc.local (before exit 0):

modprobe 8192eu
echo "2c4e 0100" > /sys/bus/usb/drivers/rtl8192eu/new_id

Edit: Clearly not enough coffee this morning. Fixed a blooper.

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It would be good if we could confirm that the change works first. It will then confirm if the driver is indeed suitable.

@dillthedog, thanks for the suggestion, but as @sam_nazarko mentioned it - the end result should be verified. This time it won’t work I think…

This is dmesg output just after executing both commands suggested by @dillthedog.


Perhaps I misunderstood. You wrote:

That reads like you already knew it was an RTL8192EU. I’ve searched through Google and the real chipset isn’t so easy to find.

I suggest you post the full dmesg and system journal using grab-logs -J -K

@dillthedog - yes I already open the plastic shell of this dongle just to check what is actual chip inside it,

This is picture of it that I’ve just make.

Well, that clearly says RTL8192EU. Maybe it’s a Chinese fake or maybe something else on the board isn’t quite right.

Either way, please post the logs so we can getter a better view of what’s happening.


Here them all: