Run Plex Media Server on ATV1

Hello Guys,

Currently im using my atv1 to hold all my movie files.

I have a ATV2 also that i can get to run PlexConnect to run on.

Is there any way i can get Plex Media center to run on it.

tried both of these in this link

and could’nt get it to run.




The links you’ve provided are for installing on arm processors, from some googling it seems the atv has an x86 processor, try:

Change install instruction 1 to:


2 to:

dpkg -i plexmediaserver_1.9.4.4325-1bf240a65_i386.deb

The rest of the instruction as in link.

Thanks Tom.

Further to what Tom has already mentioned, you might find that the ATV1 processor is underpowered for running the Plex Media Server, which generally needs quite a powerful CPU to handle real-time transcoding. If no transcoding is ever required, you might get away with it but the ATV1’s 256MB of memory is then likely to be a show-stopper.