Running a backup

I finally have the vero working the way i want and would like to run a backup of everything. When I try to do it manually through my osmc it complains that I have not set a folder even though I have under the backups section. I’m trying to backup to my nas through nfs. What is worse is now that I entered the location it won’t let me change it unless I choose typed instead of browsed. Browsed won’t let me out of my nas location.

Do you have write access to the folder? I’m doing it that way too and had to create a NFS folder owned by user vero (same UID as the one on the vero device).

I had the same problem just recently, trying to save a backup to a USB stick. I found that after setting the backup location and choosing OK, it did not work until I did a warm reboot.

Yeah it’s working now. Thanks.