Running a different OS on Vero 2?

I got the Vero 2 for my dad as a Father’s Day gift last year/two years ago as a replacement for the aging Mac Mini which runs Kodi. However, he’s since switched to using Plex which has no official add-on for Kodi, so he got an Amazon FireTV. Now I have a Vero 2 which I’d like to use for toying around with Linux, however I also have no need to run Kodi/OSMC on it anymore.

From what I’ve read, the Vero 2 uses the Amlogic S805, the same chip that the Odroid C1/C1+ uses. Though I know there’s some custom stuff in there, how difficult would it be to install a different image (say, a basic XFCE desktop) to the internal storage OR run it from the SD slot? I’d rather not have this thing sitting around collecting dust…

I think there is an official Plex add-on for Kodi now, but you
need to be a Plex Pass Subscriber.

The Vero 2 runs Debian underneath. You could disable Kodi (sudo systemctl disable mediacenter) and look at installing a desktop environment over that.