Running server on other port in background

Hello everyone !

I’m new to OSMC and I just bought the new RPI 2 (Already have B+). I will receive it in a few days and I already think about what I can do. I wanted to use OSMC since the new RPI is more powerful but I’d like to use it also for running a server.

My question is, since OSMC is running on port 80, can I use an other port ? like 8080 ?
Then can I run a (nodejs) server on port 80 in background while still using OSMC as standalone without a terminal ?

My questions might seem a bit weird but I’m new to media centers :smile:
Thank you for your answers !

I believe you can change the Kodi webserver port in settings -> services -> webserver.

Shouldn’t be a problem running node.js on port 80 beside osmc.

Cool, thank you for your reply :slight_smile:
Unfortunately I’m still waiting for my order, the carrier might be lost ! Can’t wait an other week to try out OSMC :slight_smile: