Running time/Time remaining info/graphic for music

As usual, unsure if this belongs here or on the Kodi forum. However, since I’m here :wink:

I’m on osmc/Kodi 18.x/RPI3. I’m using the AEON-M6 skin (Know it’s AEON, unsure of the -M6. System is downstairs and I’m upstairs writing this).

On the previous version of OSMC, when I played music files (from a Win10 system on the subnet) I would get either a running time or a time remaining graphic (bar with 0- to-time of song) on the screen (I was using Confluence skin in that version of OSMC, but am unable to get that to work on the current OSMC version).

I’ve looked thru the settings for Music and Disc and cannot find any option for enabling that feature. Did I miss it? If it’s not available for this skin, is there a way (like an addon or xml file mod) that can get me that feature?

Thx in advance and cheers…

This is skin specific. You should ask the skin developers.

That makes sense. I’ll track them down. Thx.

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The Estuary skin is fairly similar to Confluence and you will get a screen similar to what you are describing if you turn on full screen when you are playing music.

Appreciate the suggestion. However, I really like the Aeon-MQ8 skin and have posted in that subtopic. If I can’t get a satisfying response there I’ll reconsider Estuary.

I actually liked Confluence a lot, as well, but since I couldn’t get that to install in the latest Kodi… :frowning:


A quick Google will reveal that installing confluence is still possible.