Running Torrents on OSMC Alpha - Raspberry Pi2

I would like to run torrents on Raspberry Pi2, I’m running the latest OSMC Alpha. Is it something that can be run or do i need to wait for the final stable release to be out? Tried installing transmission and others, but if someone can point me to a guide/ step by step, it’ll be very helpful.

You can set up Deluge via our applications store


Thanks, I got Transmission to work reading some of the info. Gonna try Deluge as well, hope this guide is the right way.

Hey, was able to setup deluge. the thin client for deluge is working fine (able to connect using deluge client from my laptop), but the web server is not yet working as expected. Will see what the issue is.
Also, need to setup transdroid, some issues on that also. Will keep posted.

I installed the Deluge daemon with the WebUI and was unhappy with the amount of resources it was stealing from my Pi2.

So I switched back to qbittorrent, which is MUCH lighter, also comes with a webui and has all the features I need.

To set-up qbittorrent headless is very simple:

sudo apt-get install qbittorrent-nox

and start it with

qbittorrent-nox --webui-port=8181

I specify port 8181 because 8080 is the default, and also used by Kodi.
All preferences can be set in the Webui.

To start in daemon mode, simply:

qbittorrent-nox &

I’m a bit new to the RPi2 ecosystem, but did not feel any issues with Deluge, can you help on how you measured "the amount of resources it was stealing ".
I’ll give this a try and see if this is better. For now, happy with Deluge. :smiley:


Not dissing Deluge at all - it works very nicely and I only have my own subjective observations (‘top’), but when idling (i.e. no downloads) deluged was holding a steady 20% Memory and about the same amount of CPU (only looking at one core).

In qbittorrent I have 10 downloads active, CPU averages 3%, rarely exceeding 5%, and Memory use at <3%.

Take the CPU usage with a pinch of salt, but that’s a big memory improvement at least.

Perhaps you have different results?

Anyway, it’s nice to have the option.

EDIT: I should probably point-out that I installed the deluge daemon and webUI (deluged, deluge-web) from the command line, not via OSMC. Maybe there is a difference?


Mine was also thru apt-get, so should have not made a difference. Anyways, will try both for a couple of days.
BTW, qbit does not have a thin client rt? That’s something that i loved about deluge.

Don’t think there’s a thin client for qbit. Not something I needed personally, the webUI works fine for my simple requirements.