Russian TV Addon

Hi! I am new to these forums and I was wondering if there is a good russian addon where I can stream russian live tv for free without issues. I do not want IPTV (do not wanna pay for it). I have found everything I need but this.

Thanks alot!

Привет! :slight_smile:

You don’t necessarily pay for IPTV; it’s just a different way of getting the content on your screen using internet protocol (IP) packets instead of signals from a satellite dish (DVB-S), coax cable (DVB-C), or an indoor antenna (DVB-T). If an IPTV provider doesn’t restrict its broadcast via geolocation, you can simply play them with an IPTV addon like IPTV Simple PVR Client – all you need is an .m3u playlist. Help yourself with a quick google search.

However, there are designated Russian TV addons for Kodi. Again, a search engine is your best friend. Try the results for yourself or search for however you’d translate kodi russian tv in cyrillic letters on Yandex.