S905, Minix U1 Support

Searched and found close but no answer…

What if any is the status of getting OSMC releases that will function on Minix Neo U1 and other S905/S905x boxes.

We would love to get off Android and onto something better, but I do not se an option to get on OSMC, however there are a couple other options. I would venture to say 95% of the boxes being sold today are S9xxx boxes running Andriod, and other than the Vero I’m not sure any are pre-loaded with OSMC yet.

I’m kind of new at this hobby and once I switch off Ando to something else, but once I switch it will likely be near permenant… seems like this would be a priority to the OSMC community.

Unfortunately I have no time for this. As Vero 4K is S905x based; bringing it up on other devices is reasonably trivial; but maintaining that support is harder.

But most S905/S905x boxes are absolute crap; and there are so many clones. I would hate to try and keep track of them all.

If someone in the community wants to maintain a release, then they are welcome to. The next focus (for me), is support for x86_x64.


Thanks for the quick and to the point response, I fully understand and would offer to step up but I am in no way qualified. I spent about 10 years of my working life '73-'13 doing software testing and quality,the rest as a tier 2 & 3 support engineer, but none of it as a developer.